D Sqn 2nd SAS War Diary Sept-Nov 1943

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    Does anyone have D Squadron 2nd SAS War Diaries covering landings at Taranto to November 11 1943?

    Looking for specific references to Lt. Peter Harold Jackson.

    I already have Winged Dagger and information from Para Data but would like to see diaries for myself.

    Does anyone know if photos exist of their time in Italy?

    Many thanks.
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    I have most of the SAS files from the WO 218 series at TNA, do you know which operation he was on?


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    Hi Daniel,

    Both The Regiment by Asher and Gavin Mortimer's The SAS in World War II have accounts of D Squadron's actions in Italy especially in regard to the stand at Termoli. Jackson gets a brief mention in the latter. the Mortimer book has an undated group photo with only Mackie identified standing right rear. There's also a rough photo of SAS men in trenches at Termoli in the Asher book, the impression given is it's of 1 SAS men? Any books or stories on Roy Farran during this period might yield further information.

    Regards ...

    Lt. Mackie -Right Rear.jpg
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    Thank you. Most helpful.

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