D-Day commemorative UK stamps

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    This was posted on Facebook by my friend Hilary McDougal. I thought it might be of interest to reproduce it here:-

    Dad would have been so proud to see the photo of the landing craft he commanded on D-Day being used on one of the Royal Mail stamps issued to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the event.

    His craft, LCI(s) 526, was in the very first wave of landings at St Aubin on Juno Beach on the morning of 6 June 1944 at about 07:30am. The two landing craft in the picture took in the 4th Special Service (SS) Commando Brigade Headquarters who can be seen disembarking under fire.

    He used to get somewhat frustrated when he was alive if the much used photograph was captioned as being of Canadian troops. (Juno Beach was primarily used by the Canadians). I remember him on more than one occasion gently putting various museums and publications right. I found a carbon copy of one such letter.

    BrianLingwood_Letter.jpg WilfridSendall.jpg
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    A great photo Steve and a worthy choice for the 75th Anniversary commemorative stamp series. Here's the original as seen at the IWM site. Photo taken by Lt Handford, 5 AFPU.

    B 5218.jpg

    Regards ...
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    Does anyone know anything about those small, motorized bikes that are being unloaded?
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    Brian recalls the day in an interview in 1994...

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