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    My dad was wounded in Burma 1944 and because of post-wound infections to his liver and spleen spent 6 months in hospital in India. After he came home in 1946 he was regularly in and out of hospital until eventually dying in 1950, age 27.
    I have a commemorative scroll issued on behalf of King George in which he is "...held in honour as one who served King and Country in the world war of 1939-1945 and gave his life to save mankind from tyranny."
    His details are recorded in Birmingham Hall of Memory.
    There's a CWGC commerative plaque listing WW2 casualties at the crematorium where he was cremated. When I asked them to add my dad's name, which I was willing to pay for, they refused because he died after they'd "closed their books" on WW2 dead.
    I'd be really grateful if anyone could give me advice on how to get them to change their decision.
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    It was agreed the WW2 cut off date is 31st Dec 1947.
    It states that & why the date was chosen on their website.
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    Sorry as Owen states 31st December 1947 is the cut off

    You should give yourself some solace that he is at least remembered in the hall of memory

    I am sorry to say there is to be no change of any decision.

    "References to serving in the First World War or Second World War mean service at any time during the official war periods stated below: First World War: 4 August 1914 to 31 August 1921 (dates inclusive).1 Second World War: 3 September 1939 to 31 December 1947 (dates inclusive)"

    example from WW1

    Buried Harrow Cemetery nw London
    Norman Scott Richardson
    5th December 1933

    "After long suffering caused by the war"

    Discussed many times in the thread below
    What about the poor sods who died between the wars?

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    What the others say . There’s no latitude here . The cut off date is midnight , 31st December 1947. If you died at 0001 hours on 1st January 1948 from the effects of your war service then you’re not eligible . Within the parameters I think there are a lot commemorated who shouldn’t be and a lot not commemorated who SHOULD be . But in all fairness to the authorities a line has to be drawn somewhere - why not 1990 for example ? Where do you end . It mirrors the period granted after WW1 for the same purpose . That’s where it originated
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    As said there is no latitude. It's not even a CWGC decision as the dates are enshrined in the Royal Charter:

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