Crash site of Lancaster LM626 DX-M.

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    On December 17th 1944 on LM626 DX-M, took off to participate in a bombing on Munich, during the mission it is said that the plane was shot down accidently by friendly fire.

    On Saturday April 30th 2016 I participated in the launch with the co-operation of the mayors of several communities in that area and relatives of the crew in the search for the exact site where she finally hit the ground killing all on board. It is believed that she crashed into the bank next to a railway line in between Berville-En-Roumois and Bosc-Renoult en Roumois.

    Delegates of the local council have agreed to make everything possible to try and find her finally resting place so that the crew can be rightfully honoured with some form of remembrance, the form of which has not been discussed yet. The first thing is to confirm exactly where she hit the ground with her fulll load.

    Can anyone help in anyway?

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