Crash of the Lancaster LL859 and the raid on Meerbeck-Homburg July 21st 1944.

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    I'm looking for information about the Lancaster LL859 which crashed on the border ot Tilburg/Dongen on the 21st of July 1944. All crewmembers were killed during the crash. Does anybody have information about the crew or on the mission on Meerbeck-Homburg (routemap, OPS, intell-reports etc.)


    Flt Lt Alan Leslie Smith Pilot
    F Sgt John Joseph Chigwidden Navigator
    F Sgt Francis Donald Brandon Wireless Operator
    FO Frank Charles Montgomery Bomber/AG
    Sgt Edward Albert O’Connor Mid Upper Gunner
    Sgt Jack Spencer Rear Gunner
    Sgt Reginald Ivon Lewis Flight Engineer

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    You can find a copy of the Bomber Command summary of activities for 20/21 July 1944, including routemap and intel summary on pages 65-70 of this site:

    The site navigation controls are a little sticky (at lest in my browser) but if you click on the top or bottom corners of the page you should be able to scroll to the right place. You can zoom in etc by right clicking your mouse.

    It does not identify specific aircraft, only losses in a "general" nature.

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    Have several 622 Sqdn books where LL859 is mentioned. Will see if I can find something.
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