Cpl. Tough - 9th Bn Home Guard (Northumberland) Lindisfarne, Holy Island

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    Cpl. John Oswald Tough 9th (Northumberland) Battalion, Home Guard Keystone photograph which states

    Tough was born in 1908 and joined the Merchant Navy in 1921 he married Norah Stephenson 16th April 1932 he died in 1992. His daughter Doreen got married to a Royal Marine Stanley Fradd at the church on Holy Island the first since the war began.

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    Just seen this on twitter :)
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    I should have said Fred Ramage took these photographs. Here is another on getty of Cpl Tough checking his platoons rifles.

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    The badge worn by Tough is known as St. Oswald's shield ascertained from Jon Mills and Terry Carney's book The Insignia and Uniforms of the LDV and the Home Guard:


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    Tough Household (4 People)
    97 St Leonard Street, Sunderland C.B., Durham
    John O Tough - 30 May 1908 - Marine Engineer & Fitter, 4th Engineer Silver Palm 11-7-34
    Norah Tough - 29 Apr 1909 - Unpaid Domestic Duties
    Margaret Tough - 23 Apr 1935 - Under School Age
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