Cpl GR Hubbard 19 NZ Armd Regt

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    I have come across a photo in a collection of photos taken by an RAF Officer whilst in Italy.

    The photo clearly shows Cpl GR Hubbard 19 NZ Armd Regt who was killed on 17 Mar 44 - two days into the Third Battle of Cassino. I am trying to work out the location of the grave before it was moved to the Cassino CWGC Cemetery in 1945.

    Does anyone know how the cemetery numbering system works? Here is the Concentration Form which lists the site as IIGR/GKF/2172?

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    Ooopss. Sorry, info was for World war 1
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    When I had a similar question I contacted CWGC with the details and they provided a sketch drawn up at the time.
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    I will try that. Thank you.
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    Message sent to CWGC so we will have to see what comes back.

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    News from CWGC.

    'I can confirm that Corporal Hubbard was originally buried in a field cemetery located at map reference 860209.'

    That places the cemetery right in the centre of what is now Cassino town.


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