Cornwall Railways War Diary

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    A new short eBook called Cornwall Railways War Diary 1939-1945 looks at what happened on Cornwall's railways during the war. This War Diary tells the story of how the railways in Cornwall coped with all the challenges of the Second World War from the evacuation trains bring thousands of children, from the troop trains taking exhausted soldiers, refugees and the world's supply of heavy water after the fall of France, from the bombing of the lines and stations right through to the arrival of the American troops in the massive build up of men and materiel for the invasion of Normandy on D-Day.

    Taken from a wide range of primary sources and published works this diary compilation, illustrated with ten photographs, makes a fascinating read giving an insight into life on the railways and the heroic efforts of railwaymen and workers to keep the lines open and the services running. It is of interest to anyone who is gripped by railways, by the Second World War or by Cornwall and its multi-faceted history. £3.99 on Kindle or free with Kindle Unlimited.,aps,544&sr=8-1
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