Companies in the 5th Buffs ( Royal East Kent Regiment ) 1939-1945

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    Good eaving all

    I was just wandering if anyone knows any infomation concerning companies in 5th battalion buffs

    As I understand currently, 5th battalion had 4 companies

    A Coy - Ramsgate

    B Coy - Sittingbourn

    C Coy - Cranbrook

    D Coy - Dover

    Please correct me if this infomation is wrong. Also if anyone has any further infomation about 5th battalion in 36th infantry brigade, please feel free to talk about it as I am trying to get as much infomation about 5th battalion as possible

    Best regards

    The buffs
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    The Buffs.

    5 BUFFS were part of 36 Infantry Brigade who were themselves part of 78 Infantry Division.

    78 Infantry Division fought at the Fourth Battle of Cassino in May 44, initially as the reserve for XIII British Corps. When committed on 13-14 May 44, they took up the lead from 4 Infantry Division.


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    Here is a brief summary of the Battalion's service:

    5th Battalion, The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment)(T.A.)

    Embodied by 4th Battalion – 3 September 1939 to 7 October 1939
    By splitting the 4th/5th Battalion on March 31st, 1939 the battalion was formed at Canterbury and the first officer was commisioned on May 23rd, 1939. The unit remained embodied by the 4th Battalion until October 7th, 1939.

    37th Infantry Brigade – 7 October 1939 to 25 October 1939
    It served under the brigade in the United Kingdom.

    36th Infantry Brigade – 26 October 1939 to 31 August 1945
    It remained in the United Kingdom until April 19th, 1940 when it was sent to France. It served there from April 20th until May 20th, 1940. On May 20th, the Germans overran the brigade. Only details escaped and returned to the United Kingdom. The brigade was reconstituted in the United Kingdom on June 8th, 1940. The brigade stayed in the United Kingdom until October 24th, 1942, when it was sent by sea to North Africa. It landed there on November 11th, 1942 and served in North Africa until July 23rd, 1943. It rested and trained in preparation for Sicily from May to July 23rd, when it embarked. It landed in Sicily on July 25th, 1943 and served there until September 23rd, 1943, when it arrived in Italy. It fought in the Italian campaign until July 17th, 1944. It then embarked to rest and refit in Egypt, where it arrived on July 22nd. It remained in Egypt until September 7th, 1944. It was sent back to Italy and arrived by sea on September 15th, 1944. It fought in Italy until May 8th, 1945 and then entered Austria for the remainder of the war.
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    You might try some local or university libraries for a copy of the regimental history:

    Knight, C.R.B. The Historical Records of the Buffs 1919-1948: Volume IV.London: The Medici Society, 1951.

    It contains extensive material on the service of the 5th Battalion. I have a copy that I can look up details within, but since there is a great deal of information, it would be hard to copy.

    A copy is available here but is a bit costly:

    Historical Records of the Buffs 1919-1948 - AbeBooks
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    Thanks Frank for the quick response and information

    Really helpful towards the reaserch

    Many thanks

    Sam, 5th Buffs
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    dryan67, thank you for the quick response and for all the infomation.

    This is really going to help with my research project.

    I will definitely be looking at the copy of the regimental history , thank you for the link .

    Many thanks

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    For operation torch was 36th brigade under the 1st army as part of V corps ?

    I know that the 36th brigade being part of the 78th div was attached to XIII corps for the Italian campaign.


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    36th Brigade was under 78th Infantry Division during its active service. At different times, the Brigade would be attached to another command for operations. Here is a list of such attachments for the Brigade. IMG_6064.jpg
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    This is smashing

    This infomation is great and extremely useful,

    I will keep my eye open for the historical records of the buffs

    Many thanks

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    Tricky Dicky

    Thanks for the link, some really intresting information about green hill.

    Many thanks

  12. Owen

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    Years ago Paul Reed gave me a disc with various unit war diaries .
    Here are a few pages regrding 5th Buffs in January 1943.
    That's all there is.
    Hope it is of interest.

    Attached Files:

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    Thank you for these wonderful photos.

    This infomation is absolutely brilliant, it certainly has been of help.

    Many thanks

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    Good, evening all

    I was just wondering if anyone could awnser a query I had about arm of service strips ?

    I just came across Peter Ghiringhelli's website and it's fantastic ! lots of very intresting infomation on a variety of topics . One of the links was to ( british formation signs ) and its full of great infomation as well, but I'm a tad bit confused about arm of service strips .
    Because 36th brigade was independent, did that mean it had 3 arm of service strips or did it only have 1 ?

    Many thanks

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    When they were with 78th Division they would have worn 3 when they were the junior brigade & later 2 when they were the intermediate brigade.
    1st Bde (Gds), 11th Bde, 36 Bde up until March '43
    after March '43
    11th Bde , 36 Bde, 38 Bde.

    That's assuming they wore them at all.
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    Thank you for the quick response and information .
  17. Owen

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    April 43 war diary here on Paul Reed's Flickr page..
    5 Buffs
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  18. Buteman

    Buteman 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA

    Preparing to travel to France in April 1940, Canterbury. Nominal Rolls of men in companies. Companies - HQ, A, B, C, D.

    5th BUFFS - OFFICERS AS AT 29 APR 1940 (Large).JPG
    DSCF9273 (Large).JPG
    DSCF9274 (Large).JPG
    DSCF9275 (Large).JPG
    DSCF9276 (Large).JPG
    DSCF9277 (Large).JPG
    DSCF9278 (Large).JPG
    DSCF9279 (Large).JPG
    DSCF9280 (Large).JPG
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    Once again thank you for the link, some great information.

    Sorry for the late response

    Many thanks

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    Thank you very much for the post and information, it's absolutely fantastic !

    Some brilliant infomation on the companies.

    Many thanks


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