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    What beauties! Magnificent lot, mate.
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    Two newish biographies of Gurkha officers by the same author:

    1475665316.jpeg 71q6GMCZHaL.jpg 477985303.jpeg 71oJCtfI4lL.jpg
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    How do you feel about Woodfield publications after that last Cassino book?

    The big question is: how much DIARY and how much commentary?

    When I get a moment, I'll find the citation for his MC at Cassino.


    HAVING TRAINED AS AN OFFICER at Sandhust in the late 1930s, the author of these diaries was commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Royal Sussex Regiment in 1940. He went on to serve with distinction in North Africa, Italy and Greece, was promoted to the rank of Captain and was involved in some of the most famous military actions of World War Two, including the Battle of El Alamein and the first Battle of Monte Cassino.

    Attached to 7th Battalion HQ of the 4th Indian Division, the author’s activities as a liaison officer routinely placed him in the line of fire in forward positions close to enemy lines, running the gauntlet of artillery barrages, mortar bombs and machine gun bullets as he went about his daily duties. He was lucky to survive on many occasions and lost many colleagues along the way. His actions under fire at Monte Cassino would earn him a well-deserved Military Cross.

    His war diary offers a unique perspective from the front lines of both the desert war in North Africa from Alamein to the fall of Tunis and the gruelling Italian campaign from Taranto to Perugia, after which the author was posted to Salonika in Greece to experience a different kind of warfare in the tense political situation that existed there at the time. Once again, he found himself in the firing line and his observations offer a perceptive insight into the events of the civil war in Greece as they unfolded.

    El Alamein to Salonika via Monte Cassino

    Edit: Battalion Liaison Officer at 7 Bde HQ

    WO 373_7_1.jpg
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    I think the script means 7 Indian Brigade HQ rather than 7th Battalion HQ.

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    Not seen it before. Will get it and have a read.

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    Doesn't inspire confidence, does it?
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    T-34 book.png
    Canfora publishing has announced the third book in their Red Machines series, following the T-60 and SU-100 titles. If you're interested in Soviet armour of WW2 this is an excellent set of books to own.
    No date on this yet but I'll certainly be picking up a copy.

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