Colonel-General Joseph ‘Sepp’ Dietrich SS

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    Sepp Dietrich spent part of his youth as a butchers apprentice, then rose through the ranks of the German army to command the sixth SS Panzer Army.

    Colonel-General Joseph ‘Sepp’ Dietrich SS

    Ever met that kind of guy.
    That sits and stares you in the eye,
    You know he’s squaring for a fight,
    Just hoping for a scrap tonight.

    Pugnacious looking, cocky too,
    Violence comes oozing through,
    Never seen him in your life,
    Clocking you then your wife.

    ‘Sepp‘ Dietrich fits that bill,
    Punching people for a thrill,
    Swaggering braggart, bully too,
    Glowering over yours and you.

    You would have thought this man,
    Would have been an also ran.
    No education to speak of,
    Seemingly all push, shove.

    Then soldiering caught Seppy’s eye,
    He waved the butchers shop good bye,
    In 1911 he starts his climb,
    Through the ranks in double time.

    The Great War came, went,
    A rising star in this event,
    A Sgt. Majors badge he wore,
    Well decorated for this tour.

    The war lost on Berlins say,
    The Freikorps his next foray,
    Fighting Commies on the street,
    The Reds soon beat a quick retreat.

    Dietrich soon caught Hitler’s ear.
    Hitler quick to commandeer.
    They formed the SS Leibstandarte,
    Head bouncer then was Seppy’s part.

    33’ became Dietrich’s year,
    A star in Major Generals gear,
    In charge of Hitler’s murder squad,
    And boy! did he ride roughshod?

    Killing all no questions asked,
    For Dietrich just a menial task,
    But soon again the winds of war,
    Had General Dietrich back on tour,

    No disgrace at high command,
    With some success on Russian land,
    Then he moved to western shores,
    But allied pilots closed the doors.

    Through a long military career,
    Geneva’s rules did not appear,
    To concern Dietrich in any way,
    Only Dietrich would hold sway.

    At Nurembourg we would hear
    The cruelties of this career,
    Unarmed prisoners made to stand,
    The last word heard, the fire! command.

    Jb.Acoy 3 para.©©

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