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    Hi what an amazing collection and it is nice to see someone them saving them from being neglected and lost.
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    23411 John Clarke of 3rd Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, he was initially 12th Battalion and was posted to the 9th Battalion, part of the 36th Ulster Division, in France late 1916 - he was listed as wounded late 1917 and again early 1918 - he passed away in Oswestry Military Hospital 20/11/18 - I'm not sure if this was from his wounds suffered earlier in the year - a reserve Battalion of the Inniskillings was based in Oswestry at the time so its possible he had recovered or was recovering and something else happened to him to cause his death.

    During his time with the 12th Battalion they were involved in quelling the Easter Rising so he may have been involved in this action

    clarke j.jpg
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    1316626 Maldwyn Herbert LEE, who died 19/6/44 he is commemorated on the Malta Memorial - thanks to jonheyworth for some basic info on the circumstances which he posted over on another forum "died in an accident on duty when he was reported missing believed drowned at Bone beach, his death being presumed"

    IMG_20211207_0001.jpg lee m h.jpg
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    I never cease to be surprised by people on this forum. I should have stuck to the principles that I was taught many years ago. Don't pigeon hole people or have preconceived idea's.
    I honestly thought that you were someone with fetish for rules and Regs. Probably due to your ID name.

    The only things that I collected were ATB magazines until I inherited the Wartime Letters of Noel Beadle and made contact with families' related to his Regiment.
    Which coincidentally, I was an Army Cadet with post war. All my hundreds of Britain's soldiers and Dinky military vehicle's were lost or given to less fortunate families by my parents.
    I was close to selling the letters but copied them then deposited them in a county archive, retaining the rights to use them.

    I did however prefer to fire the real thing, what ever it was, must have been the influence of old fashioned Bonfire Nights.

    Oddly I haven't pressed my own clothes since 1998 when I handed my kit in.
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