Casualty Evacuation through Brugge and Zebrugge

Discussion in '1940' started by skimmod, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. skimmod

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    Hello all,
    I am after some information on what medical units had set up in Brugge to assist in evacuation through Zebrugge in early May 1940.
    Some of the Royal Scots Fusiliers casualties from the Ypres-Comins canal (from the night of the 26th) eventually died of wounds (June) and are buried in Brugge.

    can anyone shed a little light on this bit?

    141 field ambulance took them from the ADS at Locre (Loker) to the port.

  2. jonheyworth

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    If they died in June , potentially they died in German hands in hospital
  3. skimmod

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    indeed, that's the supposition.
    but there must have been some form of medical facility in Brugge being used/ supported by the BEF, where the casualties were placed whilst awaiting for evacuation and then once that became impossible during the German occupation.

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