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Discussion in 'The Third Reich' started by DTD21, Jan 26, 2015.

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    I have a cap badge discarded in some street presumably and found by my father on his travels through France, Belgium and Holland during 1944/5. It is from the German Military Government for Northern France and Belgium and not that common I believe. There is a 4 digit serial number on the back. Can anyone tell me where I might be able to find out to whom it was issued (always assuming the lists survived).

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    I would imagine the number may be a catalogue number - it is very rare for badges and insignia to have been individually numbered - could you post images of the badge please?
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    No, it's very definitely a serial number. I've come across half a dozen or so mentioned on the Internet, all with different numbers. Mine bears the number 3845. I'll try and find the pictures I pinched from elsewhere of one in better condition than mine and post it a bit later.

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    Right,. found it! This is someone else's badge, serial number 1717 apparently.

    Something I hadn't noticed before is the cracking in the enamel on both badges. The cause must be the pin hinge just behind.

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    I know that it is Wiki, but it is a starting Point.

    Also a link with a Little Information and Price of one in good condition.

    Deutsche Wehrmacht - Militär Verwaltung Belgien und Nordfrankreich , Dienstabzeichen, mit Trägernummer.

    I understand the above to be the the persons issued badge with his personal reference number.

    Page translated.

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    Thank you for the links Smudger. I was aware of the 'value' - the American one pictured was priced at $750 :lol: :lol: . I was rather hoping some one would come up with a link for the data on-line at the Bundesarchiv, but that is probably a 'hope' too far to coin a phrase. Thanks again.

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    Thanks for the links Tom. From the Wikipedia entry the reason for the badge being discarded are clear - dissolution of the organisation rather than a attempt to avoid identification that I suspected.

    Haven't found anything on the Bundesarchiv site yet so must keep digging!

    Thanks again



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