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    The badge images and photo is great, thank you Owen - and thanks again to you other guys for your input. Would it have been likely that Lt Nicoletti was recruited into the Canadian Scottish Regiment from his home are in Toronto, Ontario as part of the war drive? And are they also called Princess Mary's regiment?
    And then into the Signals Corp possibly because he had some knowledge/skill that was required? And would I be guessing correctly that the Signals Corp took care of all the communications for the regiment?
    thanks for your patience with this very new beginner !
  2. Owen

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    No he'd be in the RCCS & attached to Can Scots .
    the CWGC says that,
    attd = attached
    Regiment/Service: Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    Secondary Regiment: Canadian Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.
    Secondary Unit Text: attd
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    Nell - finally got my PC sorted out and has saved itself from the shredder - this MIGHT be the link I was trying to send -Wlater Pollard was the Dour Yorkshireman

    BBC - WW2 People's War - Two Great Men

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    Hi Tom
    thanks for suggesting this link - it certainly makes interesting reading and shows how much 'real' history never makes it into the record books
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    War Diary entries concerning Lt Nicoletti.

    First page - Lt Nicoletti first attached to the Canadian Scottish on 26 May 1944.

    Second page - Battalion is in the vicinity of Le Hamel & Rots when Lt Nicoletti is mortally wounded on June 26. An 8 inch shell lands on Battalion HQ. He dies on the way to treatment. The CO is amongst those wounded.

    Third page - Entry confirming Lt Nicoletti is the only officer to die that day. 4 Officers also wounded along with 3 other ranks.

    Fourth Page - A casualty page of the Canadian Scottish showing the entry for Lt. Nicoletti.




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    Lt Nicoletti was actually first attached to the Canadian Scottish (from 3 Div Sigs) on the 12th of January 1944. The first WD above just says he was attached, which he was, but doesn't actually say it was his first day.
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    Welcome to the forum.
    Always good to have another Canadian on board.
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