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Discussion in 'Canadian' started by bugleboy2323, May 1, 2013.

  1. bugleboy2323

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    hi I have just learned that an uncle of mine served in a canadian regiment and today I visited his grave,on his grave marker were the initals W.M.T.R. REGT. does any one know what his regiment was known as? many thanks.
  2. Tom Canning

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    Could use more details- like when he died etc - and where - if this grave is in Canada - then odds are that he was in a training regiment somewhere - not much to go on really

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  4. bugleboy2323

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    Thank you so much Tom and you Owen for your rapid replies to my query,here's what I know about my uncle bobby,he was born in 1987 in belfast and I believe he may have served in the first world war and may have been wounded?he emigrated to Canada about the out break of ww2 he would have been 42 and Wouldn't that have made him to old to enlist? I dont know.yeserday I went to his burial ground {Oceanview Cemetery in vancouver] and he is buried in one of the veteran sections.on his marker were the initials W M TR.on one side of the marker on the other side of it .it had Regt, below that it had Private Robert Adams below that Died 1966.hoefully later to day I will be posting a photo of his grave marker,once again guys thank you so much for your qick replies.
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    I checked with a file of Canadian Army abbreviations for WWII and there is no W M TR. On the west coast there was the Westminster Regiment (Motor) which abbreviated as WR or WR(M). Based on the spacing this may be correct, if it is interpreted as W MTR with the REGT below. It could then be the Westminster Regiment (Motor). If you can post the stone, that should confirm it.
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  7. Wills

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  8. bugleboy2323

    bugleboy2323 Senior Member

    could anyone advise me on how I post a picture of my uncle's grave markerplease? many thanks.
  9. dryan67

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    Hit the "More Reply Options" button at the bottom right of the Reply box. Then select "Choose File" and when chosen, select "Attach File". Then "Post" the message.
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    Your Uncle at 17 - 21 in the Uk would have been involved in WW1 - then at 42 in Canada - he might have volunteered as most were to the Westminster Motor Training Regt. as an instructor of some sort and dying at age 69 with him being a

    member of the Cdn Legion ...all speculation of course....his records will be in Ottawa - might be worth checking

  11. bugleboy2323

    bugleboy2323 Senior Member

    many thanks to all you who have helped me so much with this query.thank you kindly.

    hopefully I am now Able to post my uncle's grave marker,thank yuo dryan 67

    Trying again to post grave marker.
    gravestones for Robert Adams (14).jpg
  12. dryan67

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    It is definitely the Westminster Regiment, albeit a bad abbreviation for Westminster (WMTR. REGT.).
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  13. Tom Canning

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    Think you have that about right
  14. bugleboy2323

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    thank you Tom and Dryan67 for your input,I would really like to get his service record,could you please tell me how I go about obtaining a request form and an address to send it,and what sort of waiting time it takes?As I myself is 75 and beginning to run out of time ,I would hope the waiting time isn't as long as it is in Britain,[Up to year] :smile:
  15. Tom Canning

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    Try this one - and follow the bread crumbs....

  16. Pylon1357

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    His service records are held at the National Library and Archives Canada.

    Below is the link you need. The current wait times are 8-9 months, This was what I received when I ordered 2 WWII Service Records in February.

    If you fill out and apply for the records using an Access to Information Act Request, the turn around times is 30 days.

    If you need any help, PM me, I will help you through it.

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