Canadian First Hussars WWII war diaries?

Discussion in 'Canadian' started by grandsonenfield, Aug 14, 2012.

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    The last name is McCalla not McCsllum?
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    Sorry, McCallum.
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    My Uncle volunteered and trained with Grey and Simcoe Foresters, then upon conversion served with 6th Armoured Regt 1st Hussars.
    Apparently he was 'on the beach' for D-Day (see below, "Disembarked France" what an understatement!) though I do not know which squadron he was with, yet.

    Have just started out looking into the Regt. history in more depth. The complete original War Diaries for June through August 1944 are available as a PDF here:

    If anyone can direct me/provide URL's or contact info to more detailed information, such as the appendices mentioned in the War Diaries, or more detailed unit diaries/accounts, that would be great.

    I know my Uncle had a 'checkered' service record, so I have no illusions, but he was a brave man to also volunteer for service in the Pacific in June 1945, though he never made it there.

    Thank you for any assistance, and S!

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