Can Anybody Identify the men in these photos. Not all of course.

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    For the longest time I've been trying to find out which German army, groups, or absolutely anything came through Stanislaw (Currently known as Ivano-Frankivsk) and eventually passed through my village just south of the city. Since there's very small amounts of info about the occupation of Stanislaw I've never been able to 100% say oh it was the 17th or 26th. Though im sure about Army Group South which is being vague. Then I came across a video doing side by sides in the main city during ww2 and 2021. If you could help identify anybody I would be very greatful. I'm sure identifying the rest would be easier.
    Screenshot_20210510-155112_YouTube.jpg Screenshot_20210510-155227_YouTube.jpg
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    The city was occupied by the Hungarian army (Carpathian Group), then handed over to the Wehrmacht. The photos were probably taken at that time (compare the uniforms).
    On the right of the Hungarians was the Armeeoberkommando (AOK) XI/ 11. Armee (generaloberst Ritter von Schobert) in Jassy, on the left the AOK XVII/17. Armee (General von Stülpnagel). could possibly still have documents available
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