Camp Borden 1943-1943 A33 tank training wing photos?

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  1. Hey everyone. Im looking for any group photos of instructors in Camp Borden tank school from Apr43 to Apr44. Does anybody have anything? My grandfather came back for a year from England to be an instructor? Im trying to find photos.
    Thanks in advance
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    Is that Borden, Hampshire or Canada?

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    You might try the National Archives of Canada for the war diary for A33. I have many Canadian War Diaries for the period and quite a number do include photographs. Here is the reference from the Archives website:



    RG24 , National Defence , Series C-3 , Volume 17446
    Serial : 561 , Access code: 90

    File Title:

    A33 Canadian Armoured Corps Training Establishment, Camp Borden

    Outside Dates:


    Finding Aid number:

  4. Wow awesome thanks!!
  5. Wow awesome thanks!!
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