Camp 82 - Hempton Green Camp, Fakenham, Norfolk

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    Lat/Long: 52°49'5.67"N 0°49'59.23"E (note that this is different to the English Heritage Coordinates)

    This was a purpose-built, standard type camp. Common buildings and facilities at standard type camps included water towers, offices, officer's mess, a canteen, guard rooms, barrack huts, ablution blocks, cell blocks, a camp reception station (medical facility/hospital), a cookhouse, dining rooms, recreation rooms and living huts or tents. Camp 82 functioned as a German work camp, where prisoners were sent out to work as labourers in the local area. It could have been in use up until 1948. The site is currently used as a small housing estate and mobile home park.

    Camp 82 Hempton Green.jpg

    If you have any further info on this camp, please add.
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    Aerial pic, 2018 Camp 82 Hempton Green aerial.jpg
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