Camp 47 - Motcombe Park, Shaftesbury, Dorset

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    The site of a Second World War prisoner of war camp at Motcombe Park, known as Camp 47. This was a purpose-built, standard type camp with over 30 huts. Common buildings and facilities at standard type camps included water towers, offices, officer's mess, a canteen, guard rooms, barrack huts, ablution blocks, cell blocks, a camp reception station (medical facility/hospital), a cookhouse, dining rooms, recreation rooms and living huts or tents. This first housed Italian PoWs and was also a German work camp where prisoners were sent to work as labourers in the local area. It could have been in use up until 1948.

    Lat/Long: 51° 1'6.47"N 2°13'6.60"W

    The camp lays in the playing grounds of, today, Port Regis School.

    In 1943, hostels associated with this camp were:

    1 Corfe Mullen
    2 Godmanstone
    3 Wilton

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    The site today. If you have any information on this camp, please add....

    Camp 47 Motcombe Park Today.jpg
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    My father was a prisoner of war at camp 47, Gunter Jahn, former Luftwaffe navigation Unteroffizier. After the war, he remained at the camp for some time, (a couple of years) before being fully released, during which time he met my mother, who was at the military hospital next door having a nose operation. My Father at this time was a cook at the hospital, released from the camp during the day and had to return at night. They both broke the rules of fraternisation, but I guess I wouldn't be here today if they hadn't. They got married when the fraternisation law was lifted.
    I have a letter from the senior commander at Motcombe camp to my Grandparents, warning them that they didn't think their daughter knew the ramifications of marrying a German POW.....
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    Thank you for your post, I found a photo of a document with my Fathers name and POW number on it showing he passed an English Exam in May 1947, incredible, I never knew this existed. I'm intrigued now to find out more. Sadly I didn't pay enough attention when he was alive and there are lots of questions I wish I could still ask him, but sadly he died a number of years ago.
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    I tried to get in tao take some onsite pics of the site as it is now.
    However, the place was closed for the holidays and taking photos of or in and around schools actually takes me more time and effort planning than doing the same with military bases.
    However, its on the list for a return visit some time next year - ideally when CV19 is no longer an issue
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    Ciao! Sono dora e scrivo dall'Italia.
    Cerco informazioni su un prigioniero italiano. si chiamava Vittorio Cortelletti. visse ad Ardea, vicino a Pomezia, città di fondazione che si creò durante il periodo fascista, vicino a Roma. era un contadino ad Ardea, e immagino fosse impiegato nel campo 47 con le stesse mansioni. Non conosco la sua storia e sto cercando di ricostruirla attraverso i contatti con i parenti di alcuni militari nello stesso luogo. forse posso trovare qualcuno! Ho solo una foto e molte cartoline. è stato definitivamente catturato dopo l'8 settembre. nel dicembre 1943 scrisse su una fotografia "222 pow camp". e poi ho solo cartoline dell'estate del 1944 ora già nel 47 ° campo. Qualcuno può aiutarmi !?
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    Translated via Google:
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    [QUOTE = "davidbfpo, post: 921150, member: 72030"] Tradotto tramite Google: [/ QUOTE]
    non c'è una risposta alla mia domanda....
    puoi aiutarmi?
    puòyou help me?

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