Book Review Camouflage - Eric H Larson.

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    Modern International Military Patterns.


    By Eric H Larson
    Imprint: Pen & Sword Military
    Pages: 496
    Illustrations: 600 colour illustrations
    ISBN: 9781526738578
    Published: 2nd March 2022

    He was an awfully big marine.
    Also, though, a rather impressive brick of a book gazetting modern camo patterns.
    Not really one to review in detail as it's pretty much self-explanatory.
    The briefest of introductions, followed by page after densely-illustrated page of patterns by nation, with notes on each.

    Crisp colour photos throughout, most of them showing chaps wearing the stuff, but with a decent 'swatch' shot for almost every pattern covered.

    Only thing I have that's similar is Brassey's Book of Camouflage, and that's a far more slender effort (Though it does have nicer full page swatches of a fair few patterns - nowhere near the range of Larson's book )

    Suppose by it's very nature it'll go out of date as a current reference, despite going right up to contemporary digital designs, but there's plenty of nations that've worn the same stuff for years,

    Modeller? OSInt nerd? Fashionista? Buyer of TACTICAL SPECIAL FORCES!!! listings on eBay? Even someone looking for presents for military obsessives?
    It's quite likely worth getting.

    (Reasonable price on Amazon and Kindle at the mo. Kindle might be more useful for the modern modeller/figure painter)

    Cheers to P&S for the review copy.
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