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    Following Zahondo's recent post on Firpos in Calcutta I thought this would be of interest.

    It would be interesting to find photos of many of the places mentioned in 'Then and Now' mode?

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    Very useful paper Skoyen89. Have you ever come across one similar for Bombay?

    Best wishes

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    Thanks Maureen,

    Granddad and most of the Chindits took their last leave in Bombay during the final weeks of 1942. This is very helpful to me.

    Merry Christmas.
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    I have a guide to Bombay that is rather prosaically titled, "Hello chaps! This is Bombay". It was presented gratis to the troops serving in India by Khan Sahib S. Rashid Ahmed, Meerut, as an expression of his appreciation of the work of the Army in the defence of India. The foreword is in the form of a message from the Commander in Chief who at the time was General Auchinleck.

    I can scan a few pages if anyone wants to see them.
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    can't seem to get the leaflet up at the moment but think I have seen it before. Have enjoyed trying to locate places on our travels and have found quite a few, One that is not mentioned is a women's hostel that was used by travellers.I can find no record of Lady Herbert Hostel. I assume it was somewhere in the Chowringee area, Recently a map that Akil Kadidal allowed me to use was very useful in finding Pinmhi bridge, near Mogaung, so these maps are invaluable.
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    The Lady Mary Herbert Club for Service Women at 42 Chowringhee Rd is mentioned in the leaflet in the original post.

    The link is a download. Depending on your browser, you may need to look in your downloads folder.

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