Burma flashes?

Discussion in 'Burma & India' started by jp1885, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. jp1885

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    Hi all,

    A friend of mine has been asking about some flashes/patches, which have been given to him for safe keeping. He believes them to be WW2 Burma flashes, but can anyone shed any more light on them?


    Thanks in advance!
  2. Rothy

    Rothy Well-Known Member


    The top two are for the Military Adviser-in-Chief Indian States Forces.

    The next two are for the 23rd Indian Infantry Division - the "Fighting Cocks"

    The next row bottom right is for the 19th Indian Infantry Division - the "Dagger Division". Note the badge is upside down.

    I'll get back to you on bottom left.

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  3. jp1885

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    Thanks Steve - much appreciated!
  4. Staffsyeoman

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    Bottom Left is a Leading Observer, Royal Observer Corps. Worn on the upper sleeve of the uniform.
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  5. bamboo43

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  6. jp1885

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    Thanks folks for your help - I'll pass the information on!
  7. Rothy

    Rothy Well-Known Member

    Well done, Phil. I looked but came up blank.

  8. Charpoy Chindit

    Charpoy Chindit Junior Member

    The pair at the top are actually GHQ India.
  9. jp1885

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    Ah, great - many thanks!
  10. Rothy

    Rothy Well-Known Member

    Yes, I agree - confirmed by images on the IWM website.

    The Military Adviser-in-Chief Indian States Forces badge appears to be light blue-grey on the top half and dark blue lower and rectangular, according to Cole, "Formation Badges of World War Two"

    Thanks Charpoy Chindit.


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