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    This two-sided broadsheet, titled Deutschland nach dem Krieg, was picked up in Biberach by a local family sometimes in 1943. The family had their farm on the outskirts of Biberach (Wuerttemberg) and were legally obliged to hand it over to the local authorities. Not doing so, could have resulted in sharp punishment. Fortunately, they kept it and during a clean-up of her mother’s personal belongings, the broadsheet was recently discovered by her daughter. Biberach at the time “hosted” several hundred Guernsey internees and before that, in September 1941, was the scene of a pretty successful non-violent mass escape of 26 British officers by digging 2 tunnels – 4 officers finally reached home. This happened 3 years before “The Great Escape”!

    I have not translated the broadsheet, because the text originates from a speech by The Lord Chancellor (Viscount Simon) dated 10th March 1943, see link *. It is not a one-to-one copy of the speech which was indeed much more extensive, but finally appealed to the German People to make an end to this regime and pretty well summarises the point of view of the British Government in 1943.

    *Somehow, I was not able to insert the link by hansard.millbanksystem. I scanned the relevant pages and added them as jpg.


    Broadsheet 1943 page 1.jpg Broadsheet 1943 page 2.jpg Speech Viscount Simon page 1.jpg Speech Viscount Simon page 2.jpg Speech Viscount Simon page 3.jpg Speech Viscount Simon page 4.jpg
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    That's a leaflet produced by the Political Warfare Executive and dropped over Germany during the second half of 1943 by the RAF.
    Some more details with the official English translation here:

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    thanks for the additional translation and information, this will add to my collection of this matter.


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