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    Both RHA and Foot Artillery wore blue uniform jackets with red facings (still do, in full dress). Just joking - red is for red-coats, green for those pesky Riflemen (and brown for the also rans?) The strangest would be light blue for the RE - I thought the facings on their uniforms was grey but there's no sign of a light colour in their current dress uniform.
  2. I went here:
    Army Group Royal Artillery (AGRA) – 21st Army Group 1944
    Showing the composition of AGRAs assigned to the 21st Army Group in North West Europe in 1944.
    Link: AoS Markings – Higher Formations

    Question: Any ideas where i might find 1st Cdn AGRA markings for Italy and NWE?
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    The first idea would have been some junior staff officer in the BEF with his idea being progressively approved or rejected as it went up the chain of command.

    As regards written evidence, Commander in Chief BEF (Gort) wrote to the Army Council in December 1939 with his (their) request to introduce AoS flashes and his/their proposal on what colours for which arm.

    Army Council sat, in January I think, to approve the request and the colours. Some they agreed on, others they amended. I think the red/blue for the RA was one out of HQ BEF that was approved.
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    Thank you
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