British units nearest Cesena?

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    'Archie' who is mentioned as being killed on 13 May 44 would be Private Archie North.


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    In my fixation with Edwin I hadn't even thought of looking for the names of his fellow coy members who perished. I'm sure I have some photos someowhere of a them all in the Middle east plus some other of him and pals on leave .
    *** Goes off to search for them*** may take a while!!!
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    Archie and Edwins service numbers are 10 digits apart, could that mean they enlisted in the same rec office?
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    Well I had a look for the phographs of Edwin last night and found a few one of which has 13 soldiers on is Edwin ...and one is Archie North, the others are also named and all are Bradford born/living lads except one whos from a place in Leeds but its litterally on the border of Leeds/Bradford...which is leading me to wonder why a Scottish regt would be recruiting in Yorkshire....bith Edwin and Archie have A&SH service numbers.....the only down side on the photo is it has shadowing (from the tree they are all under ) obscuring half of their faces......Does anyone know if its feasible to digitally alter the photo to reveal the faces......
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    Whoops I forgot to add... Archie was born and raised about 1/2 a mile from where I was born and raised ..which is also across the road from where Edwins sister lived, which makes me wonder if Edwin and Archie were friends pre war as yet again another family story was his best friend was killed at Cassino..
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    Pleased you've thought about it. The Black Watch museum is an excellent idea.

    Before you make any decision, though, you should get it photocopied and then transcribed - that doesn't involve writing a book, just typing up what Edwin wrote.
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    These two Yorkshiremen were taken prisoner In North Africa and sent to Italy. After the Armistice (they were already at Camp PG 112 in the north) they joined the partisans and then passed across the border into France:

    3320194 Pte. Norman Evans, 2 Cameron Highlanders, from Castleford
    3320102 Pte. Herbert Wood, 2 Cameron Highlanders, from Wath near Ripon

    I know this doesn't answer your questiion....

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    Hi Vitelino
    Thanks for the advice about photocopying, I did cross my mind about doing that when I scanned the pages the other day, but as I got sidetracked. I will probably start that in the next week or so as the diary is quite delicsate and has some pages that have seperated.
    I have also started trying to lighten and enhance the image mentioned and I also have another with Edwin on and I think Archie (the facial features are similar to the enhanced photo...) so it looks like while the place of injury/death has been solved , I have opened up even more questions and searches.
    I am still toying with the blog idea though...a book would only have limited appeal and cost where as a blog could be undertaken for a limited amount and updated as I find more information.
    I'm very intrigued as to the enlistment of a group of Bradfordians into a Scottish regt where they potentially have no familial connections...

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    It was very common for Scottish Regiments to recruit in England. The A&SH recruited a lot of soldiers from Tyneside and Northumberland.

    Scotland was not awash with manpower outside the urban areas.


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    Is anyone interested in reading the pages of the 6 Black Watch whilst at Cassino?

    I did a reasonable job of scanning the book a while back. It also has a Roll of Honour. No point it being on my laptop if its not going to be used. Will spend some time over the weekend has to see if it needs resizing. It should not need it.

    Bit tricky trying to read it on my phone.


    Edit: Need to check if I have the Regimental History of the Cameron Highlanders? I'm almost sure. If not, then someone on this board will have it. I don't think they did a battalion? Will check when i get home.

    Frank, have you any idea if 2 Cameron Highlanders did one?
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    Hi Stu
    I think it goes without saying I would...
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    They did and it is very thorough.


  14. Stuart Avery

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    Hi Richard.

    Here are the pages from the 6 Black Watch. The more I read of this book, the more I'm Impressed with it. I will probably put the War diary on my list. I was thinking about scanning the relevant Chapters from the 12 Infantry Brigade In Italy March-November 1944, the only problem is, there are around (65 pages)! It would mean me sending it into a shop for it to be done :unsure:. Nothing like having your own scanner of which I did have. A few files to follow & will probably do them all in two posts. May be three.

    May I suggest that you try and obtain the following book ( its rather good) & cheap.
    Ellis, John. CASSINO: THE HOLLOW VICTORY The Battle for Rome January-June 1944. At around 580 pages it is fabulous and has only taken me a while to read it twice. Possibly the most detailed book that has ever been written on the Italian Campaign. Its a crying shame that no one has done one on the Anzio Campaign to the detail that he has done. Click on the files if needed.



    CCF15022017_0005 (2).jpg

    CCF15022017_0005 (3).jpg
    Notice the Poor Bloody Infantry.
    CCF15022017_0006 (2).jpg

    CCF15022017_0006 (3).jpg

    CCF15022017_0037 (2).jpg

    Map No 8 & 9. 6th Bn Black Watch..jpg
    CCF15022017_0041 (2).jpg
    Posted this twice. Dip stick. Its getting late.
    CCF15022017_0041 (2).jpg
    Not sure how to delete this page. Will try to edit it later. CCF15022017_0042 (3).jpg

    CCF15022017_0041 (3).jpg

    The page above should have been a few pages up.:oops:

    CCF15022017_0043 (2).jpg

    CCF15022017_0043 (3).jpg
    See Map 9. It's on the same page has Map 8.
    CCF15022017_0044 (3).jpg
    CCF15022017_0044 (5).jpg

    CCF15022017_0045 (2).jpg


    More to follow when I'm not half a sleep.

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    Morning Stu
    Many thanks,I have just started to read it and was wondering if anything would spring out...lo and behold in Chapter7 Skipton and Harrogate ...both of which are mentioned by Edwin.
    I will work through this, Idoubt however I will tel my other half or it may put paid to a visit to teh BW museum next year !!
    Thanks again
  16. Stuart Avery

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    No problem. Will probably be the weekend before i get back to it.


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