British Flag in cemeteries and other Union Flag chat

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    Scott is wrong...If he was still alive I'd tell him :-P
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    UK Flag Protocol | Free online guide | With illustrations | The Flag Institute

    What is correct UK flag protocol?

    What rules apply when flying flags in the UK?

    Flying Flags in the United Kingdom (Flag Institute/UK Parliamentary Flags & Heraldry Committee, 2010, revised 2020) is the authoritative guide.

    Find a few simple rules to follow when flying the UK’s national flags in different situations:
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    Well, at least they got the middle one the correct way around.
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    Unlike the IWM. I've given up trying to tell them the Union Flag is upside down in main picture - they say it is a reverse image but you can see they've also managed to flip it.

    Flag, National, British, Union flag
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