Brigade Squadron 2nd Lothians Border Horse,Royal Amoured Corps

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  1. mali

    mali New Member

    looking for information on my grandfather ( Michael MacDermott ) He lived in Wales England before coming to australia after the ww2
    all i know he drove tanks

    1945,not sure when he joined up,try that or a year earlier 1944 that what i got told
  2. Alanst500

    Alanst500 Senior Member

    Welcome, if you look in the Gallery you will find the War Diaries for 2nd Lothians and Border Horse for 1945, my dad was in this Regt and i have posted a picture of him with 3 mates (names not known). This is the place to look in the Gallery
    Have you any pictures you could post.

    I took it that he posted in the Thread title his grandfather was in the Lothians. So Sorry for being presumptuous
  3. Tom Canning

    Tom Canning WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    Mali / Alanst500

    Bit slow this a.m. but how can we assume that the OP - Mali is referring to his Grandfather being a member of 2nd Lothians - from the scant information he gives us ......and also

    Can anyone enlighten me as to what a Brigade Squadron looks like ...?....and where in the Gallery can we find the photo of Alanst's Father ....?.... see what I mean ....? ASS / U / ME...!

  4. Hereward

    Hereward Junior Member

    Alan, I followed the link to your fathers picture, but it took me to an index page of sorts. I'd like to see the picture of he and his comrades. I have a few 2LBH Regiment group photo's circa 1940 and 1942 before embarkation.
  5. Hereward

    Hereward Junior Member

    What was your dads name and service number? I couldn't locate the picture in the gallery you wrote about above. Can you post here?

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