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    With the green light from a Forum moderator here's a synopsis of a book just published.
    "My Wartime Wanderings" by Kenneth L Phillips, 6969044, B Coy. 1 Bn. The Rifle Brigade.
    Ken hand typed his memoirs from his own diaries (originals now held by the IWM) and these have been transcribed into book form by his daughter Ann (my wife). The book also features some of Ken's own pictures aswell as extracts from his letters home to his parents. The book is a very personal account of Ken's entire war service from call up in 1939 to demob in 1947 including:
    Basic training at Tidworth and elsewhere.
    Sailing with the battalion via Capetown to Egypt.
    The Desert Campaign from Christmas 1941 to August 1943 including the retreat to Gazala, the Gazala Line battle and retreat to Alamein, the action at Alam Halfa, the 2nd Battle of Alamein and the pursuit to Tunis.
    Italy, Autumn 1943, from the landings at Salerno to the river Garigliano, and the return to Britain.
    Normandy, including the build up to D-Day, "in the rear" near Villers Bocage, Goodwood and the breakout across northern France and on through Belgium to the Albert Canal.
    Winter 1944 in the Netherlands, across the Rhine into Germany and on to Hamburg, the Army of Occupation in Glueckstadt and Osnabruck, and demobilisation in 1947.
    The book is available as a "print on demand" item to order from all good booksellers (quote ISBN 978-1-78963-174-6) and of course from Amazon and other online book retailers.
    We hope you enjoy reading it.
    Ian and Ann Wiseman

    Problem with Waterstones. Please note that currently there is a technical glitch which means orders of My Wartime Wanderings from Waterstones are subsequently cancelled and refunded so best to avoid using Waterstones for now if you want this book.
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    Pleased to find this (the first) review on Amazon - no idea who the reviewer is :)
    By the way we have sent an update to Amazon and all other sellers re the incorrect element in the metadata description (anti-tank division is obviously wrong!) but they have not as yet updated......

    5.0 out of 5 stars First class book.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 May 2021

    This is an excellent book, Ann Wiseman has done a first class job of bringing her Dad's memoirs to the general public. This should be read by today's youngsters (many of whom seem to think, after watching Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers, that the British didn't take part in the D-day landings and the campaign in North West Europe) to see what their Grandparents and Great Grandparents went through between 1939-1945, Ken also served in North Africa and Italy. I won't say too much about Ken's story, so not to spoil it for anyone else who is thinking of buying it, all l will say is, don't buy it based on amazons description above, the British army didn't have any anti-tank divisions during WW2. Ken served in an anti-tank platoon of the Rifle Brigade.

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