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    We spent a pleasant afternoon at the Imperial War Museum yesterday where I spotted this combo...


    My dad had a Norton 500 with a sidecar strapped to it in he late 1950s/early 1960s, so I'd assumed most combos were the same. But I see this one has a rear axle providing drive to both the bike and the car. I've been around for about 24,654 days and still finding I learn something new each day...just a pity I don't remember more than 1% of it!

    This character was the spitting image of someone I'd seen before, but just can't recall the name...


    ...and this seemingly random object (a late 1940s TV with a huge 9" screen) should be donated to the Amberley Wireless Museum...


    ...and you can make up your own caption for this one...


    ...but I think its supposed to read "Will he push her too?"
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    Watching an R75 maneuvering in reverse gear remains an odd sight. Never quite get used to it.

    Remarkably expensive machines.
    C. Twice the price of a Kubelwagen (ISTR without armament).
    weapon cost
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    ...locking diff, on/off-road selectable gear ratios, and a gun...I want one!

    BMW R75 - Wikipedia

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