Bletchley Park's bitter dispute over its future

Discussion in 'Top Secret' started by Owen, Jan 24, 2014.

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    I am sorry, but I sincerely feel (and a former, much admired colleague still works at BP) that Col Standen needs to be hit about the head. With a railway sleeper. It might be doing his CV a power of good, but what he is doing for the good of history and legacy of this country is the diametric opposite. Please find someone to express a vote of lack of confidence in him. I shy from childish regimental epithets (having been called a 'plank' or a 'dropshort' too many times) but in this case, he represents the worst tendencies of the scalybacks.
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    How did you guess?

    All the best

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    One of the latest loony ideas is that sometime between February and April this year, they decided that coaches cannot park, but only drop off and pick up. May be something to do with all the landscaping (elf and safety) they've done? Rather buggers up the school trip. I see they are not investing in young visitors, have removed (expelled) many of the interesting side shows that might keep kids amused. They must get bored with acres of wall boards and iPod guides. (Average visitor age seem to be in their wrinklies era) So when the kids grow up, they won't take their kids there. I heard one coach party had to drive around for 1 hour to find somewhere to park and ended up (payng) to park in a pub car park. Some coach drivers are refusing to go there. All the smart people left there years ago.
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    I have been following this thread with interest and Betchley Part Management to me appear to have hit the Self Destruct Button.

    The only Problem is that they will probably take their neighbouring Museum down with them!

    A great pity that lottery Money appears to have made Bletchley Park management think that they are bullet proof.

    The whole Point was to preserve National Heritage not wreck it.

    Unless there is a complete Management Change I cannot see any real solution other than a lot of Heads banged together.

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    Hope they have some buzzwords too!
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