Billeting and Royal School of Military Engineering Ripon

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    Good morning from France

    I wonder whether anyone can help clear up a mystery!

    I know from his service records that my father attended a course at the RSME in Ripon (Yorkshire).
    I believe that he was billeted in Halifax, which is apparently about 50 miles away (unless there is another Ripon closer)! It must have taken him ages to get there and back (by car?)

    Were billets difficult to find in that part of the world for officers ?
    Did the RSME have a branch in Halifax or anywhere else nearby?

    This seems rather Strange - can anyone throw any light on this?
    Many thanks
  2. RCG

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    Yes, Royal Engineers had a Depot in Halifax, Possibly still have, many RE regiments were formed there. Google Royal Engineers Halifax ww2 and it will bring up several references to Halifax.

    This would be your fathers base depot, so this would be where his records state he was.
    On his course at Ripon he would stay at Ripon, after all, as a barracked camp, they would have plenty of beds.
    Records would just state he attended the course.

    Getting there and back, he would have went by train or Army transport.
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    Good morning RGC
    Many thanks for your help, which makes good sense. I'm going to take your advice and Google RE Halifax.

    Kind regards

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