Big scary tank! ('Innovative' use of Jets & rockets...)

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    Brother to; Eva, Thor, Odin, Loki, and Ziu. ;)
    Where's that shot of the Morser Gerat from? Very clear image for Kubinka.
    (Did they build the shed around it...)

    Should this thread now merge into 'Strange vehicles'? The original scary tank's been solved by Sol and it's starting to cover the same ground.

    Hi Adam,
    The mystery certainly was solved in fine WW2Talk fashion! Feel free to merge.

    Sorry I should have put a link to the source of the image in the original post. It was from good old 'English Russia':

    English Russia » Kubinka-2010


    Also found these:

    English Russia » Museum of Armored Vehicles Near Moscow〈=2
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    What the hell is this??:

    and what does it do??

    Kuwait, May 1991, I was "picking up brass" after GW1 and a Hungarian company flew in with, I believe, a T54 chassis, with 2 mig 21 jet engines on top, intending to blow the oil fires out. Red Adair, Boots Coots etc laughed it off until they fired the thing up and blew out about a dozen fires. Apparently they made a fortune.
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    Find myself wondering about former Sov block oil safety, given that this idea seems to keep evolving.
    Or they've just become the specialists & get worldwide work.

    Few more views of earlier chassis, alongside other tank-mounted capping & specialist gear:

    Wonder if it all packs into the massive Antonov... Lot of money in oil.
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