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    Hello as I begin my search. Bharian was apparently where my relative was stationed in India. Google search's have so far not revealed anything obvious. Was it a barrack name? (am totally new to military stuff so it's all learning).
    I have a photo entitled 'the party' at Deolali aug 1942; (I'll post up later when I've learned how). When I've Googled Deolali there's feedback. Bharian and Google thinks I'm after Bahrain! But it's what my relative called his house when he came back.
    I believe I've spelled it right . Can anyone enlighten me please?
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    Try doing a Google search with inverted commas around the keyword "Bharian"

    Rawalpindi - 1st Surreys and a Pindi Poppet

    Although only twenty seven miles away, it was all uphill as Murree and the adjoining military hill stations of Kuldana, Gharial and Bharian were above 7,000 feet, and the journey was spread over three night marches. The Battalion remained in Kuldana until the beginning of the cold weather in October when it returned to the Plains.

    In 1929 the battalion remained in the Plains but each company had six weeks in the hills at Bharian. In January of that year it was
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    Thanks, will have a try. (Not sure now that I've I've posted this query in the right section as there are so many sub forums.)
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    The FIBIS Fibiwiki page Murree has some links to some photographs of the camp at Barian or Bharian, WW1 period.

    There were many similar camps around Murree, used in the summer period.


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