Best places to spot two Lancasters in the air for free?

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    I suspected sabotage all along!
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    Stay in England, My Precious !

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    Rumour has it that the Vera crew had devised this diabolical plan to "borrow" then bring one of the PRECIOUS U.K. Merlins back to Canada. :thankyousign:
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    Latest News regarding the Canadian Lancaster, the RAF BBF are loaning an engine in order that the Plane can continue it's scheduled shows.

    That is what I call a nice working agreement.

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    Air to Air shot of Vulcan and Lancaster duo about to cross the River Trent in late August,passing to the north of Cottam Power Station,north Nottinghamshire.

    Photographer unknown but acknowledged.
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    Apparently the failed Merlin 224 (Packard build version of the Merlin 24) was replaced by a BBMF spare which is a Merlin 500., an engine from a series of Merlin 500,600 and 700 designations.

    The Merlin 500 is the civil aircraft option and was fitted to Lancastrians and Yorks as civil transports. It is, in reality, a Merlin 24.
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    Lancasters to fly over "Dambusters" Derwent Dam

    The last two airworthy Lancaster bombers in the world are to fly over Derwent Dam, echoing the famous Dambusters raid practised there.
    One of the Lancasters is normally based in Canada, but has been reunited with her Lincolnshire sister for a series of events in the UK.
    They will pass over the dam, in Derbyshire, on their way back to RAF Coningsby from Southport Air Show.
    The flypast, weather permitting, will be at about 16:45 BST on Sunday
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    I saw the Report and Video on the BBC Website and thought what a wonderful Demonstration to all the thousands viewing.
    I bet the traffic was chaotic that day looking at the Birds Eye views.

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    I have just seen this latest BBC Report of the Canadian Lancaster returning home after the UK visit.

    This year I was visiting the UK at the wrong time, but have seen some great imput on the Forum.

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    Just witnessed the "air flotilla" pass Scampton....good turn out with a large group at the end of the western runway threshold. However as it was,its the wrong place to be as the "flotilla" comprising the Lancaster duo turned up at 1030hrs,escorted by three fighters...could not make out the individual aircraft..may have been two Spitfires and one Hurricane... probably passed up the A15 from the Cathedral and overflew the Station HQ.

    Apparently the intention was to overfly Hemswell and Kirton Lindsey airfields .....anticipating the completion of the leg to Iceland today.

    After passing Scampton.the BBMF PA 474 completed a 180 degree turn,probably a course over Dunholme Lodge and headed south in the direction of Coningsby.

    Not very compatible for taking long distance photographs....hazy sunshine along with mist not compatible for picking up aircraft from afar

    P.S Look North preview on 1pm news shows the flotilla overflying the Scampton technical site.
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    Cheerio then, Vera.
    Tweeting that she just made Iceland.

    Really glad we made the effort to go and see her pottering along with 'Thumper' and the Vulcan.
    Wonder if she'll ever return, or if the BBMF machine might be allowed to visit Canada.
    (Can't help the suspicion that questions would be asked re. endangering national treasures if that happened... sadly.)
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    What would be nice would be for the Canadians to get their other Lanc currently in restoration to flying condition finished.....and the one at East Kirkby currently in restoration to flying condition finished.......and.........they could all meet up for quite a party.

    Quick question. How many B17 Flying Fortresses are still flying? Lovely plane but doesn't have the presence of a Lanc.
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    Vera arrived home today, safe and sound!

    A nice gesture from the Lincolnshire Lancaster Association to present a cheque to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in the amount of $10,695.00. One dollar for each Canadian lost during WW2 in Bomber Command. Very classy!

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