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  1. JCB

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    Nice video , did you notice the grim reaper watching over them :D 2020-09-01.png
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  2. Nido

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    No, I didn't pay attention to his presence. Did they ask him to come into the frame, I wonder?
    The Grim Reaper, his Black Dog and... a folding chair, as a hint (or is it hope?) that even he may need some rest.
  3. Rich Payne

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    The chap waving his cap was the mayor.


    ...and me looking suitably French and Mayoral...possibly.


    In addition to 4 RNF who had an establishment of around a hundred Norton sidecars, each of the Divisional cavalries seem to have had three or four and Phantom Signals had a handful with their Bren guns fitted to Motley mounts. Presumably there were a few spare machines in depots but not many more than 125 in France.
  4. Nido

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    Fantastic is the effect of "Now & Then" magic! Two similar wavings are parted by the time, yet united by the place and sentiments.
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  5. JCB

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    Yes great now and then :salut:
    Like the film commentary-
    ''six months ago a British army disappeared into France and you may ask what have they being doing ? ''
  6. JCB

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    Came across this rare Morris Commercial 6x4 Reconnaissance Car while sorting my pics, looks to have a GHQ plate.
    Nachrichten Abteilung 254 ID Vormarsch Strasse Dünkirchen Frankreich Beute LKW a.jpg
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  7. JCB

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    Fine selection of 52nd Lowland Division Bedford MWD and OY vehicles all bearing AOS numbers and Bridge plates at Cherbourg.
    Probably quite new and all left behind for the Germans after a few days in France with BEF 2.
    Bid on this but it went for 72 Euros !
    s-l1600 (22)m.jpg
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  8. KevinT

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    This has just been forwarded to me, it looks like it was om evilbay.

    Can anyone identify this Scout? Carrier.



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  9. chrisgrove

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    Definitely not a Scout Carrier which only had armour on the other side. I reckon this is a Bren Gun Carrier (sloping armour this side). No clue about the unit I'm afraid,
  10. JCB

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    Early 6X4 3 tonner with number plates and sadly casualty , may be carrying motorcycles.
    Image (12).jpg
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  11. Julien Woestyn

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    This photo is amazing. I am a Belgian resident in rue du ROMARIN in PLOEGSTEERT. I live 500 meters from this square... My grandfather, who died in 2017, remembered very well all the vehicles in rue du Romarin... Thank you for this photo, Julien
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