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    Does anyone have images of a British War Office map showing the area west of La Bassee? I'm guessing the map needn't be BEF era but could be anytime during the war - the smaller the scale the better (did I get that right? i.e. Ordnance survey scale is better than Michelin touring map scale). I have a 1940's Michelin map and the excellent IGN map from the 1980s and I've seen a copy of the BEF era sheet showing La Bassee and the area east of it (it's in the War Diary for 2 Corps GS) and I think that was sheet 63, but I'm interested in the next sheet along - towards the coast!

    I'd like to see the route d'Estaires from la Bassee as far as Estaires and the villages to the west - including Cuinchy, Givenchy, Violaines etc. This is so I can draw up a contemporary map of the area. Any pointers to War Diaries etc. that may have this rarity would be appreciated and I'd be happy to share the images I took of Sheet 63 if anyone is interested.

    Cheers, Nick
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    I have attached a portion of Map 2 centred on La Bassee - the file is way too large to attach the whole thing - please let me know if this is what you looking for

    Or use Sheet 62 on Tony's link - that seems much clearer (but just cuts out La Bassee)

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    Thanks Tony and DaveB - you've saved me a lot of legwork. Nik

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