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    I have finally finished the first material in ‘MUNICH’ series of articles, devoted to the Second World War, the Third Reich era and the Holocaust. I believe that you have also read about the infamous ‘Beer Hall Putsch’ in every second book on the era. In my detailed 5000-word article I would take you along all the main locations and stops of the failed Nazi 1923 revolution with plenty of photos and historical facts. I hope you would also take advantage of a few map visualizations I have made specifically to deepen into the topic in addition to the travel itself. Please leave your comments, ask questions, share your own stories and be my constant guest on the blog.

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    BBC World Service - Witness History, Hitler's beer hall putsch

    BBC audio 9mins....

    Hitler's beer hall putsch
    Witness History
    Adolf Hitler made his first attempt to overthrow democracy in Germany in Munich in 1923. It started at a beer hall called the Bürgerbräu in Munich, so it has become known as the "beer hall putsch" or the "Munich putsch". It ended with 16 Nazis and four policemen dead. Although the coup failed, Hitler's trial allowed him to raise his profile on the national stage, and within ten years he became chancellor of Germany.


    PHOTO: Nazi members during the Beer Hall Putsch, Munich, Germany 1923 (Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

    Edit: Challenges to the government of the Weimar Republic - The Weimar Republic 1918-1929 - Edexcel - GCSE History Revision - Edexcel - BBC Bitesize

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    Walked it . Always get to the end and think : “ wish one of those police bullets had killed the bastard “

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