"Banquet Bombers" (more) pics request

Discussion in '1940' started by phylo_roadking, Apr 25, 2011.

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    All, I'm putting this in the 1940 Section....

    Does anyone have/can anyone route me to pics of the 1940 Operation BANQUET "Banquet Lights"....the armed Tiger Moths of the Elementary Flight Training Schools?

    I know the chances of anyone having any pics is rare, but I've already managed to turn up pics of the Reid & Sigrist-converted "Paraslasher" airborne SCYTHE experiment for BANQUET Tiger Moths!




    It was the brainchild of Sqn Ldr George E. Lowdell of 7 EFTS, a pre-war stunt pilot and Reid & Sigrist's test pilot (they made aircraft instruments). 7 EFTS was based at RAF Desford, previously Reid & Sigrist's test field.

    Apparently that's a cartoon of Mussolini on the board!

    For some strange reason this particular anti-parchutist idea wasn't pursued...!
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    hello Phil

    any joy with RAF Hendon?

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    Haven't tried them yet, Kew is my next stop for the BANQUET files May 1940 to September 1941 - AIR14/1126,7,and 8

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