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    Hi does anyone know what this badge might be. It was given to my friends dad during a trip to Normandy by an elderly French gentleman.

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    Nazi concentration camp badge - Wikipedia

    >>>> Mémoire

    see this for why that number.


    FNDIRP (Federation Nationale des Deportes et Internes, Resistances et Patriotes), is an association formed in France after the war by those who returned from the camps and those who resisted the German occupiers to honor their service and the memory of those who did not survive. The pin is engraved with prisoner number 178284 and the stripes are reminiscent of concentration camp uniforms.

    EHRI - Commemorative FNDIRP button cover engraved 178284 acquired by a Jewish Polish refugee in postwar Paris

    EHRI - FNDIRP commemorative striped badge engraved 178284 owned by a French Jewish survivor
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    Brilliant! Thanks so much.

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