Award Military Cross 2/Lt. Robert Maxwell 1/5th Bn The Queen’s Royal Regiment January 1945

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    Award Military Cross 2/Lt. Robert Maxwell 1/5th Bn The Queen’s Royal Regiment, 131st Brigade, 7th Armoured, 12 Corps, January 1945

    WO 373/53/52

    After listening to the Fall: The Mystery of Robert Maxwel by John Preston it was interesting to hear of the Mirror proprietor's war service (the second episode); starting out with the Pioneer Corps, like lots of foreign nationals, transferred to North Staffordshires, dressed a German Major in Normandy, had a new identity book in the name of L/Cpl. Leslie Smith & later Private Jones sent to Paris. Commissioned at the end of 1944 transferred to the Queens Regiment with whom he was awarded an M.C. for capture of Paarlo. Day before he was awarded his Military Cross by Montgomery he learnt his sister and mother had been killed by the Germans, a week later would marry his wife Elizabeth. Shot out of hand a German mayor in the main square after a white flag was not adhered to.

    His naturalisation certificate below as well as Home office filed closed till 2065.

    Naturalisation Certificate: Ludvik Hoch. From Czechoslovakia

    HOCH, Ludvik aka MAXWELL, Robert: Czechoslovakian (HO 382/276) (1946 Jan 1 - 1964 Dec 31

    LG 12th April 1945


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