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    I am looking for information on the Auxiliary Units that operated on the Isle of White - the names of the patrols and the men in them.

    Does anyone have a copy of

    Isle of Wight at War, 1939-1945 by Adrian Searle

    My library does not have a copy - Is there any reference to Aux Units in it?

    Any help appreciated
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    Copy here - £26

    The outbreak of war in 1939 turned the Isle of Wight into a front line fortress. The next five years brought the black out, bombing raids, the Battle of Britain, evacuees, a garrison, paddle steamers sailing for Dunkirk, the D-Day fleet leaving for Normandy, nights on home guard
    duty or days in the Land Army, sons and daughters away in the Services. Despite the hardships, warships and seaplanes continued to be built at Cowes, whilst the top secret Island Resistance prepared to risk their lives in the event of a successful German landing on the island's shore. '...will bring back a mindful of memories for those that lived through the war....yet its accuracy and 140 illustrations are a necessary read for those who didn't. ...
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    The book has two pages deoted to the Auxiliary Units and a couple of names are mentioned. It also briefly relates the engagement of additional Auxiliaries from Northumberland in 1944 to spoil any German spoiling attack on the IoW after D-Day. I will try and copy the pages tomorrow...
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    I would be most grateful if you can copy the relevant pages for me

    Thank you
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    Here you go...

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    Many thanks Idler

    Very interesting - and some new names to follow up on.

    All the best
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    Hi Bala,

    Feel free to PM me if you want more details on the IoW auxiliary units. We (CART) recently had some great coverage in the Isle of Wright County Press (back in June), let me see if I can rake that out as well.


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