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    The National Archives do release files on Auxiliary Units from time to time. However none have been found that cover the regular forces that were attached. Nominal Rolls on civilians recruited into Aux Units yes but nothing on regulars.

    Can anyone suggest how they were administered?

    Each County Intelligence Officer had a Scout Section (about 12 men) from a local battalion to train the civilians in the resistance cells. In addition there were RASC drivers attached and Royal Signals personnel working within the Special Duties Branch (Aux Signals).

    Somewhere there must be some records on postings in and out, leave, pay and promotions within Aux Units. Plus nominal rolls. They would have been administered (I assume) from Aux Units GHQ at Coleshill, but nothing found to-date.

    Any help appreciated - thank you
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    Lt Colonel DESMOND KIRKNESS who was Deputy Commander of Auxiliary Units in 1943 - looking for a photograph and Service details. Can anyone help please?

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