Attention: Two Lancasters Flying in UK!

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    It looks as if the RCAF veterans are staying at the Petwood,Woodhall Spa, a few miles from Coningsby,the hotel requisitioned by the RAF during the war as the Officers'Mess,RAF Woodhall.

    My son's friend,now a free lance journalist was at the Petwood in their company yesterday and reports that they had a good day.

    Day's events to appear on BBC Look North tonight...can be picked up on SKY Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.
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    I would have had a good view today in Lincoln as well. Damn.....
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    I tweeted these pics earlier, but thought I'd stick them here too.

    Taken from Beachy Head today - going back again tomorrow...

    - Pete

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    A few photos of the two Lancasters as Henstridge last month.

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