Attention: Two Lancasters Flying in UK!

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    And video, with sound - 8 merlins!!!!!!
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    To digress for a moment onto an even more amazing thought...

    Anyone know what the latest state of play at East Kirkby??? So unfortunate that one of the Panton Brothers died last year JUST as it seemed they were getting somewhere at last :( Certainly the Museum is keeping up work towards getting NX611 airworthy, just a pity it won't be THIS year....?
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    Basic question - are there any plans to fly these 2 Lancs together or even ground run together with Just Jane whilst all 3 Lancs are in the UK?

    I have seen City of Lincoln flying quite low - an amazing sight and sound - but 2 Lancs flying together - and 3 taxiing together would be fantastic.

    Anything to do with the long reported re-make of the Dam Busters?

    Even taxiing 12 Merlins would make the short hails on my neck stand up and tears start to run.
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    One was flown over in the 1970s for Strathallan collection - still in maritime configuration. It was reported that at one airport en route, lined up ready to take off the tower told them to wait until an airliner had cleared. The the captain of the airliner offered 'age before beauty' the Lancaster skipper is reported to have replied 'actually old boy I have you on both counts' an imaginative reporter ? The Lancaster - memory has it that the hangar it was in collapsed and broke her whilst owned by Charles Church. A different take on the age before story:


    If god had intended for man to fly - he would have given him more money.
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    Great News!

    Cannot wait to see them flying together
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    I believe the Lancaster was to visit the Berlin Air Show several years ago, but was cancelled due to Politics.

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    I understood that it was declared a couple of years ago that NX 611 (Just Jane) was being worked up to its Certificate of Air Worthiness.

    Interesting document as supplied by Wills which indicates the previously owner of NX 611 as WU-15 was the French Navy.NX611 was one of 54 Lancasters sold to the French for use in maritime reconnaissance in May 1952.Its sale came from the NATO plan to ensure that The French Navy had the capability to play its part in maritime surveillance in the North Atlantic. It was transferred to the French from AVROs on 30 May 1952 and spent 10 years at the French L'Aeronavale base at Lorient, now Aeroport de Lann-Bihoue.It then saw service in French Caledonia and after disposal was prepared for its 12000 mile trip to the UK in Australia. It left Sydney on 25 April 1965 and arrived at Biggin Hill on 13 May 1965.

    In the French disposals from Caledonia was WU-16,formerly NX 612 and this apparently, found its way into the ownership of the Air Force Association Historical Group at Perth. I think this Lancaster has remained on static display and have not seen any reports of it been made ready for air worthiness.

    I see the Canadian Lancaster will be crossing the Atlantic by the northern route, as used during the war.. snags occurring could be resolved on the stops along its route.
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    temptage I thought it would only take a few weeks......

    Have a listen to this ( ). There is mention of the Panton's during the interview.
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    3 of them, in V formation, low across the North Sea and Polders to drop Chocolate on the Dutch Kiddies once more - sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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    Incidentally the WU index on the French L'aeronavale Lancasters was the abbrievation for "Western Union" which was intended to indicate a Nato role.

    Never seen it on RAF maritime aircraft of the period which would carry visual recognition as displayed of the aircraft's unique serial number on the wings and fuselage..
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    A mate of mine - on exchange in the US - went to see them to say hello at an airshow (last year?). They were delighted that a member of the RAF was interested and gave him a seat on their next trip! Luck bar steward!

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    Dates at last, via the BBMF Friendface feed:
    Both flying at:

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