Arthur Charles Linay SIMKIN 1910-1994 Merchant Marine

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  1. I am seeking a picture of Arthur! On 13 April 1946 in Hove, Sussex, he married Patricia Mary Smith (1916-1995) and they left Glascow for Australia on 13 July 1948. He died in Australia (1994) in Lismore and is bur Arthur Charles Linay Simkin 18 Aug 1941 New York from Liverpool.jpg ied there. Arthur C. L. Simkin Gravemaker.jpg Arthur Charles Simkin and Patricia Mary Simkin Passenger List July 1948.jpg Thank you for any clues where to look!!
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    UK, World War II Medals Issued to Merchant Seamen, 1939-1945
    Name: Arthur Charles L Simkin
    Birth Date: 1 Jun 1910
    Service: 1939-1945
    Medal Issued/Claimed: 1946-2002
    Discharge Number: R188720

    Medal listing of Simkin, Arthur Charles L Discharge number: R188720 Date of... | The National Archives
    Reference: BT 395/1/88668
    Medal listing of Simkin, Arthur Charles L
    Discharge number: R188720
    Date of Birth: 01 June 1910
    Date: [1946-2002]

    Maybe you can subscribe to Ancestry and then contact any of the 17 trees (Arthur Charles Linay Simkin found in 17 trees) that have been created that include him, as they may have photos but unfortunately none are available to download from any of those trees that I can see

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    He has no surviving seaman's pouch unfortunately and that is where any Merchant Navy ID photo would be held. He will have records of service held at the National Archives in Kew in a form CRS 10 but without any photo. He has a medal file at Kew which can be downloaded for free if you sign up BT 395/1/88668
    Last ship appears to be EMPIRE LEECH in 1946 - he has some paper documents at the Australian National Archives but no photo sadly.

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  4. TD, thank you very much. The hunt goes on!!
  5. Hugh--Thank you very much. The link is inactive this morning so I will do a search.
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    As ever with the NAA when you do any search it will time you out after a period, hence why the link Hugh has provided doesnt open on a detailed page for your relative. The normal way I have gone is you need to restart the session as a guest which reopens their search engine and then you need to refill the selections with details

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  7. Thank you. Technology is always fun!!
  8. Thanks for your encouragement I went back and found the information.
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