Arnhem, Operation Varsity and D Day 2nd Pilot on Hamilcar

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    Can anyone give me any information about Sid Dadd who was a second pilot on a Hamilcar on each of these operations. I have a letter from him saying they carried petrol in on D Day and a gun on the Arnhem operation. I have seen a still from a film shot at Arnhem with men walking next to the gun as it is towed along and Sid identified himself on in the picture. Does anyone have any documents with Sids name on? I think his 1st pilot in Normandy and Arnhem might have been called Grey?
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    For Arnhem he flew Hamilcar Chalk 905 on the second lift on the 18th September. His load was a 17 pounder gun from the 2nd (Oban) Airlanding Anti Tank Battery. You will see that on this trip his 1st pilot was shown as S/Sgt White who was taken POW. Dadd returned across the Rhine on operation Berlin

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