Arnhem/1st British Airborne Division/Op.Market Garden book collection

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    Tpm Wallace,

    Your obviously a bit slow.So i will explain again for you to ignore. Horsapassenger is John Howes as he has said, Gliderrider is me Simon Haines as i have said.
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    I thought we had dealt with the problem.
    I'm not into arnhem & airborne stuff so I don't read this thread that often.
    In case we haven't here's what I'll do.
    Anymore hassle & I'll delete the entire thread.
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    FYI: I still have a few copies of The Storm Boat Kings left.
  4. airborne medic

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    I also have copies of Storm Boat Kings for sale and these are in the UK....
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    AM i have e-mailed you all the best Jason.
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    Thanks John.
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    Twas hidden from view for just short of 24 hours as thread continued to attract bitchiness & agro.
    It's back so play nicely now .
    Please get along.
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  8. hutchie

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    Capture at Arnhem - A Diary of Disaster and Survival - Captain Harry Roberts

    Is the above book any good? How much reme stuff is mentioned in it?
  9. airborne medic

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    It is a personal story...if you are looking for general REME stuff regretfully With Spanners Descending is your book - but it has been oop for a while and copies are not usually cheap.....
  10. hutchie

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    yeah i picked up with spanners decending a few months back, this one popped up on ebay so im interested in finding out about it
  11. airborne medic

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    It's ok but wouldn't be on my top 10 must have Arnhem books.....
  12. Tom Wallace

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  13. Drew5233

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  14. idler

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    A cleaner copy than mine :( but a useful addition to the Army equivalent ( Otway's Airborne Forces, lately reprinted by IWM.
  15. DPas

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    Thanks to VP for his permission to post this.

    AOTH F Cover.png

    I have a book coming out in early December. It is about my Grandfather, Johnny Wetherall and it follows his days in the Glider Pilot Regiment, his involvement in Market Garden and his time as a POW. As some of you know from previous posts, I originally wrote this for my family and not for publication, but thanks to the encouragement of some forum members and others, I have taken the plunge! There have been quite a few changes and updates since the last version but the overall story is the same.

    [SIZE=13.63636302948px]Updates will be posted to the facebook page for the book (feel free to like and share!) and to the forum. [/SIZE]
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  16. Pompey Pal

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    Good for you David. Just in time for everyone's Christmas list. I'm sure it will be a good read.
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  17. Cee

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    Wow that's quite a jump Dave, and good on you for carrying it through!

    Regards ...
  18. DPas

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    Thanks Gentlemen!
  19. kingarthur

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    I was fortunate to read the draft and I can confirm its a damn fine read.
  20. arnhem44

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    Good for David Pasley to deliver a monument for his grandfather.
    But for the rest of the readers, can you disclose / hint more what sets this story apart from the countless other personal (arnhem para-) trooper published stories ?

    The small events themselves ? A more exciting writing style ? Different approach to understanding the problems without hindsighting ?

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