Ark Royal Swordfish pilot John 'Jock' Moffat

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    I'm researching Lieutenant-Commander John 'Jock' Moffat, the man credited with crippling the Bismark. I have quite a bit on him though cannot access any of the Fleet Air Arm diaries. there are hours of detailed interview with him available on Imperial War Museum audio which is very useful, he also wrote a book.

    My question is regarding this YouTube footage 'With The 'Ark Royal' (1940) Not certain when Moffat joined Ark Royal but he went to Gibraltar August 1940 on board the Argus. Also not sure when this footage was taken. It's quite possible Moffat is piloting one of the planes featured. Are they definitely Fairey Swordfish Is there any way to confirm or disprove he is in the film. Does anyone know of any other wartime footage of Moffat (Have seen the youtube interview done in approx 200).

    Thanks in advance Mike

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    That date ties in with his book as it says he finished training in December 1940 and then proceeded to Gibraltar to join ark royal. Page 89 onwards.
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    Aircraft in the video clip are definitely Swordfish.


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